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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

I'm sorry that I've been very quiet lately. I've been dealing with something in my life...I still can't stop thinking about Max and my writing, though. Originally I'd wanted to release book 5 in the Fateful series this spring. But now it's summer. I don't have a new release date just yet, but hope to bring this story to you very soon. Hope you haven't forgotten about me. :)

While I am way behind in my writing, here is a preview of Nadia to keep your interest. To read that, simply scroll down a bit. (And if I get good feedback on what you've read so far, I might be motivated to post a bit more of her chapter, like how she meets Max!) Happy reading....xoxoxo

The end of Forever is not the last time you will see Danielle and Ethan because Max and Nadia’s story overlaps theirs!

To keep print costs down for those of you who prefer that, I have to break the stories up into standard-sized novels. So if you want to see more of what happens to this couple as their “happily forever after” continues, stay tuned for The Order of Curse-Bound Knights.

As well as letting Nadia and Max tell you their side of story, you’ll get to see Danielle’s pregnancy, read about the way they all live without guards hovering over them constantly, and learn what happens with some of the other side characters.

The Fateful Trilogy was Danielle and Ethan’s story to tell. The Fateful Series will give them all their chance to be the main characters. I know that not many authors do this, but I just can’t resist continuing this series...And I hope this gives those of you who have enjoyed the journey something to look forward to!

I'm on the hunt for the cover model of Max. Hopefully, someone who resembles one of these actors/models a bit:

From Merlin, I really feel like actor Tom Hopper could pull off Sir Max. Just with longer hair...(He's the big tall guy in the center. He dwarfs the other knights, and that is how I described Max.) ~These photos were found via Google searches.

Or, and even better, is Matthias Streitwieser. This guy's face is exactly how I pictured Max, except for the blue eyes. Max's are a light brown. I could totally see him winking at you just like Max does. (Sadly, Matthias is deceased. : ( He died in a fall while hiking in 2009. Truly tragic... I wonder if he has a brother, or a cousin...)

The Order of Curse-Bound Knights is book 5 in the Fateful Series and begins in medieval times as Max is fostered into this order of knights just as he also becomes a vampire. From there the story travels though Edwardian, and Victorian times, to conclude into modern day. Max's life spans centuries and this is his chance to tell it to you. Of course, Nadia will be a big part of it too... I'm still looking, but she sort of looks like the girl in the pictured to the right. Except her hair is black, and the dress would more likely be green. If going to Ren-Fest is your thing, this is the link to buy this dress. I will likely get the green one for the book cover.
Lady Hunter Dress | Renaissance Model
Here's a little preview of The Order of Curse-Bound Knights:

Chapter Three
(Meet Nadia)
Copyrighted by Cheri Schmidt 2013

Nadia felt her brows pinch together when she heard the sound of something chirping. It almost sounded like a frog, but she couldn’t fathom how such a creature could get into her third-story chamber. The fragrant warm water of her bath lapped around her as she leaned forward. “Do you hear that, Mirabelle?”
“Hear what, milady?”
The guilty tone in her maid’s query drew Nadia’s gaze. “Mirabelle?”
The young woman offered a broad grin, her freckled cheeks lifting. Mirabelle’s innocent blue eyes didn’t appear so innocent at the moment. And Nadia noticed the way her hands were cupped around something, probably whatever it was that was making the noise. Mirabelle’s words confirmed that. “If I put a frog in your bathwater, you’ll be sure to find a handsome suitor at court.”
Nadia laughed. “You’re making that up!” Mirabelle was spouting bits of superstition again, and Nadia was pretty certain she’d never heard that one before. The maid had to have conjured it up from her vivid imagination. For this wasn’t the first time Mirabelle had suggested something odd. In a way, it was comical, but in another way, it was also a bit distressing.
Adamantly shaking her head, Mirabelle said, “I swear I am not. Elizabet heard it from Isolda, who heard it from Margery, who everyone knows is an expert in these sorts of things. This is how she won that dashing Lord McLaren for Lady Collette. And—”
“Lady Collette bathed with a frog?” she asked in shock.
“Indeed she did!” Mirabelle nodded. The movement sent her mass of blonde curls bouncing. “It helps if there is a crescent moon, which I see there is tonight!” added Mirabelle excitedly. “So—”
A moment of panic seized Nadia as the maid moved closer. “Thank you, Mirabelle,” she squeaked a little more sharply than she’d intended, “but I’m not fond of frogs. I mean it’s quite thoughtful of you, but...” Her eyes shifted back to the maid’s hands with concern. “That’s what you’re holding, isn’t it? That’s the sound I just heard.”
Mirabelle bit her lip and nodded. “He’s an adorable little green one. ‘Tis nothing to fear, I assure you.”
Was she afraid of it? In truth, Nadia wasn’t entirely sure how she felt. Of course, she didn’t think it could hurt her, she would just prefer to have the wee amphibian in its pond rather than in her bedchamber, and certainly not in her bathwater! Shaking her head, Nadia sank to her chin in the water. In her head she told herself it was simply because she was getting cold. The aroma of roses filled her nose, and the suds tickled her chin. “The water is too hot for him, I’m sure of it.” Truth be told, it was cooling off.
“You’re missing the point, milady. One must sacrifice to—”
“Surely you don’t mean to ‘sacrifice’ the poor little frog, do you?”
“No, milady. He’ll be perfectly fine. I meant that you must sacrifice, but only for a moment. Just let him have a little swim with you.”
Mirabelle didn’t give her a chance to respond this time. She opened her hands and, as soon as the frog had the chance, it leapt forward. It first landed upon her knee, then hopped again and landed on her face, half on her cheek and half on her nose. Nadia sucked in a breath of air, instinctively wanting to shriek, but when her gaze caught onto the surprised and crestfallen look on Mirabelle’s face, she swallowed most of the sound, producing a small squeak instead. Even if she wasn’t thrilled with the situation, she would never belittle Mirabelle for it.
Nadia had known dear Mirabelle since they were both young girls, and she adored her even if her silly fascination with superstitious nonsense was just that, nonsense. Mirabelle was one of her closest friends and Nadia could never reprimand her even if she did things like introduce frogs to her quiet bath.
“I suspect it doesn’t count if it’s not actually swimming with me, does it?” Nadia managed.
Mirabelle rewarded her calm with a beaming smile. The young maid giggled and shook her head. “I don’t think so.” She then reached forward to recapture the creature, but it just leapt away again. Nadia heard it plop to the floor and she leaned over the edge of the tub to see where it was going now.
With a pair of wide blue eyes and an amused half smile, Mirabelle tried again to capture it, but again it hopped. Nadia twisted around and saw that it had found its way under her bed this time. Mirabelle was down on all fours, her skirts billowing out around her and her backside waving from side to side as she lifted the blankets in an attempt to find the frog.
Nadia could hear it chirping away, and burst out laughing in spite of herself. Mirabelle sank back onto her heels and straightened her back, shoving her curly locks out of her face just before she joined Nadia in her laughter. “I’m sorry, milady,” she said between giggles, “I fear he’s gotten away. For the moment, that is.”
“And my bath is growing cold.” Nadia offered a smile to show Mirabelle she wasn’t angry. “I suppose we’ll have to try again tomorrow night?” suggested Nadia, secretly hoping the idea would be forgotten by then.
After nodding in agreement, Mirabelle dropped forward again and peered beneath the bed. “I’ll catch Ferdinand, and put him back in my jar until then,” she said, her words muffled because of her position.
“You named him?” Nadia asked on a string of more giggles.
The maid didn’t answer right away because she was busy talking to the frog. “Come here you feisty, misbehaving little thing!” After a few grunts and some shuffling around, Mirabelle managed to catch “Ferdinand” and scoot out from under the bed with her hands cupped again. Once she’d stood, she blew the hair out of her face this time.
Nadia bit her lip to keep from laughing again.
“Are you sure you don’t want to try one more time tonight?” asked Mirabelle wearing a smirk that suggested she was on the edge of containing her mirth.
She had to admit, she would be forever entertained by Mirabelle’s antics. But when a shiver slid over her body, Nadia said, “It really is getting chilly in here. I’m quite ready for my warm mead, if you don’t mind.” Nadia wasn’t sure if the shiver had been due to the cold water, or rather the idea of having a frog in it with her.
“As you wish. I’ll be back in a moment, milady, with hot mead and to tuck you in.”
Nadia got out of the tub and dried herself off, then donned her nightshift and moved to the fire to begin brushing out her hair. She stared into the flames as she dragged her brush through the wet strands, and released a measured breath. This was going to be her first visit to court, and she would admit she was a bit nervous about it. Would she find someone worth marrying? Or would she make a mistake like many of her friends had? Not everyone found love like her mother and father enjoyed. Perhaps she should have let Mirabelle attempt putting the frog back into her water. But the promise had only been that she would find a “handsome” husband, and Nadia knew handsome didn’t necessarily mean kind.

(...check back soon.)

Books in the Fateful Series are, or will be: (Please note that this list could, and probably will grow. Plus I might change the book titles as needed. Some of these will be novellas.)
Fateful (Book1) ~Ethan and Danielle
Fractured (Book2) ~Ethan and Danielle
Forever (Book3) ~Ethan and Danielle
Sophia's Cookbook for Mortals (Book4) ~Sophia
The Order of Curse-Bound Knights (Book5) ~Max and Nadia
Becoming Cursed (Book6) ~Beon and Sophia
Little Red (Book7) ~The witch named Little Red and the werewolf she falls for.
Other Characters likely getting their own stories are Brianna, The Black Prince, and perhaps more...

Curious about this series? Then pick up Sophia's Cookbook for Mortals in Kindle format! I'm working on print, but the cookbook need pictures, so I'm busy cooking and snapping shots....
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Gretchen said...

Love it, can't wait til the book comes out!

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