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Sunday, June 8, 2014

Hello my darlings! I frequently get messages asking me when my next book is coming out.

So let's make it super easy, shall we?

By simply subscribing to my mailing list you’ll be the VERY FIRST to know about new book releases. Also, you’ll be automatically entered into a monthly drawing for signed copies of my books, or free copies of my audio books from Audible, or other swag items such as book-themed, handmade jewelry. This is different from my blog email subscription in that you will ONLY be emailed when a new title is released, or about exclusive sneak peeks, or if you are the monthly winner. I promise! The last thing I want to do is clutter up your inbox.

And to make it even sweeter...when I get 1000 subscribers signed up for my mailing list, I'll give away a grand prize to one lucky winner that includes:

1~ A signed paperback copy of Fateful, Fractured, and Forever.
2~ Each book will come with a pretty handmade, beaded bookmark.
3~ A choice of either Danielle's pearl necklace from Fateful, or her fairy necklace from Forever.
4~ And a copy of Fateful or Fractured on audio, narrated by Tristan Hunt.

Always grateful,


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