Why do I Blog?

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Some agents say a blog or website will help you get noticed, some say it will make no difference at all. It doesn’t really matter to me which is the case. I got into blogging to get to know and learn from agents and other authors. If I get noticed because of it, then lucky for me, but that is not the reason I am doing it. I plan to go through the usual means of trying to find an agent, by going to conferences, sending out query letters and learning from agents and writers who blog.

I can’t imagine being a writer without the internet. What a useful thing it is for writers. I plan to use this valuable resource.

It is true you won’t see me rambling about my personal life, not that it’s a bad thing if you're one who does, some people need an outlet. Which is perfectly fine with me, I don't mind, really I don't. That's just not me....And you won’t see me blogging every day either. Writing comes first for me, only because I am slightly obsessed.