Why Vampires?

Monday, February 4, 2008

I didn’t choose vampires for my first novel because they appear to be popular right now. I had other reasons...

I wanted Ethan to be naturally eccentric and old-fashioned. I think a vampire who is 175 years old would cling to some of the traditions and mannerisms he was raised with. Sort of like my grandmother, who was very set in her ways at the age of 98. I can promise you, there was no changing her. So to me, that offers some interesting aspects for a character, especially when you bring that character into modern times.

My vampires are based loosely on elderly people. Does that sound funny? I guess it is one aspect that makes my vampires different from what is already out there. Besides being old-fashioned, they tend to be a little quirky, and have hobbies that may interest grandpa.

Ethan can be a rather romantic, debonair, and mature gentleman. His noble personality has been shaped by his lifestyle from 1834 England. He only appears to be in his early twenties, so this, mixed with his historical past, makes him a different sort of character, a real life Mr. Darcy. He has updated some things to fit socially within the twenty-first century. But you can still count on him to stand when a lady enters a room.

Beon is very regale and wise, just as a nobleman should be. He is currently a college professor and he loves to garden. Meticulously sculpting his shrubs into the shapes of animals is an obsession of his.

Sophia is highly sophisticated in her dress, but her personality could be confused with most doting grandmothers. She loves to bake and bustles around in a filthy apron, which she wears to protect her designer dress. She is a horribly messy cook.

Maximilian (Max for short) was a knight, and a member of the Order of the Garter. His knightly nature shines like the heavy armor he used to wear over 600 years ago.

Nadia is the only one who seems to be mythical when you meet her. She has a natural beauty about her. She doesn’t need makeup, and therefore, she doesn’t bother with it. Think Arwin from “Lord of the Rings,” except a little more bouncy.

Celeste is bad to the core—but, of course beautiful. That badness burns through her beauty, detracting from her polished good-looks.

Lucas – enter Jack the Ripper with a modern twist. Lucas is dark, evil, and decides to stalk Danielle, the American art student who finds herself lost in London.

Meet Danielle Darcey, the mortal who gets herself involved with all of these immortals. This girly-girl appeals to Ethan’s Victorian tastes. Besides being a typical girly-girl, Danielle has a black belt in karate. While she is frightened of little things, such as spiders, she can defend herself against bigger things, such as ill-mannered men. Much to her dismay, she learns her skills are useless against ill-mannered vampires.