LDS Storymakers Writer’s Conference Report:

Monday, May 10, 2010

So I loved the LDS Storymakers Writer’s Conference. I will definitely go back next year. I hope to meet up again with the many authors I met while there: Tamara, Joyce Dipastena, Sarah Eden, Rachel Rager, and Kristine Tate.

At Bootcamp I truly enjoyed getting to know the other authors in my group. I did feel a little silly being the only author who wrote historical fantasy romance instead of just historical romance. And I’m really not a morning person, so I don’t feel like I helped much in the critiquing aspect of it, but I tried....

My pitch with Covenant went really well. Kirk even compared me to Lynn Kurland, which I was super flattered by. He has FAIR MAIDEN GHOST right now. We’ll see if Covenant can fit a fantasy romance in their list. They don’t normally do much of that, but I’m hoping.

Going to Dave Wolverton’s (AKA - David Farland’s) “Writing for the Masses” workshop was certainly a highlight, and worth every second. The man is brilliant, if you asked me! I recommend signing up for his “Daily Kick in the Pants” or attending any of his workshops. The man has taught authors like Stephenie Meyer, Brandon Mull, Brandon Sanderson and Jessica Day George—just to name a few.
Sherry Ficklin said...

I know, right! It was an amazing couple of days. I really enjoyed J. Scott Savage's class on crafting villains. I pitched to Kirk too! So good luck to both of us! Maybe we'll end up at the same publishing house! Go Sherry and Cheri!!!

Mon Chéri said...

Sherry and Cheri, now that would be cool. LOL And keep me ubdated on yours, Sherry! Yes, good luck to both of us.