Update on Fractured

Friday, May 27, 2011

I wanted to give everyone a little update on Fractured. This is the sequel to Fateful, book 2 in the Fateful Trilogy. The cover is done. Formatting for Kindle and Nook are almost done as well. I'm waiting on a few more of my editors to get back to me and once I make those final editing changes the book will be posted. The hope is to get that done sometime tomorrow, Saturday and get the book posted on Amazon and Barnes and Noble. I'll be at their mercy then.....and their approval process can take anywhere from 24-72 hours to approve and post the book.

I'll put a little blurb here and on Twitter when I upload. And then of course the Website, This Blog, and Twitter will have posts once the book is live!

Thank you to everyone for your purchases of Fateful and Fair Maiden.
Hez said...

I just finished reading the last delicious page of 'Fateful' two minutes ago, and I absolutely adored it! Can't wait to read the sequel :-) Until it's available though, I'm going to start on 'Fair Maiden'!
Thanks for the great reads!

Cheri Schmidt said...


Thank you so much for the kind words! You totally just made my day and I’ll be grinning about it for a few more! ;) I’ll be having a contest next week for reviews. So if you’d like to post that wonderful review on Amazon or Barnes & Noble, and Goodreads too if you can. I’ll adore you for taking the time and you’d be ahead of the game to win prizes. One of those prizes will be a replica of Danielle’s necklace!

All my best,

Judy said...

I don't usually write reviews on books I read, but in this case, I feel compelled to do just that. Thanks for writing a good old fashioned romance,with a paranormal twist. I loved it. I don't want to read anything else right now. Will wait the few days for book 2 to come out.Will also send out praises in my review in amazon and good reads as well.. thanks again for writing this book.

Cheri Schmidt said...

Thank you Judy! Thank you for taking the time tell me how much you liked my book. My goal is to entertain! And I’m deeply grateful when any of my readers take the time to share a good review. If you haven’t noticed yet, you’ll be happy to know Fractured just went live yesterday!

Happy reading! ~ Hugs~