YA Indie Carnival ~ To Trailer or Not To Trailer?

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Hmm, what a great question...I'd like to do a poll for this one. What do you think? Do you watch book trailers? Do you like them? Would you buy a book based on one? Please take a moment to answer my poll on the sidebar. I'll leave it up over the weekend, and it closes on the 6th. Also, I'd be interested to hear your comments, so please leave one if you have time. ;)

Personally, I really do like watching them, but only if they're AMAZING. Unfortunately, the amazing ones are very hard to find. For me, I need to see appealing images and maybe some animation of some kind all blended together with music I like listening to. Most of the time I'm thinking "eh" and I'll close it before it's done. I'd just rather check out the author's website or blog, and the book's synopsis along with reviews to make the decision to buy. But this raises another question. Does the trailer make you go out and check out the book further? Does it make you curious about a book?

I suppose I'm rather picky about what I like. I actually got a little frustrated trying to find ones I like to share with you for this post...but alas, there are just so many that drive a bit crazy. Anyway, I suppose that just makes the good ones shine a bit more, right? Here are some trailers I do like...plus, check out the blogs from my fellow carnis-links are at the bottom of this post. They have some good trailers too!

As you can tell, I tend to like the animated ones, with good music... Another one of my favorite book trailers is Letters to Elise by Amanda Hocking. Love the music and the graphics. Again, I loved the trailer, but it won't make my buy the book. I'm just not interested in it. Just like the monster one above. Well-done trailer, but not my genre.

I do plan to make trailers for my books, eventually. So my answer to the question is, yes, trailer! But I won't put them out if they're not what I think is AMAZING. Anyway, don't forget to answer my poll and leave a comment. Until next time....And as always, take a moment to check out my other carni friends at YA Indie Carnival.

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9.Patti Larsen, The Hunted series and The Hayle Coven series
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11.Dani Snell's Refracted Light Reviews
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13.M. Leighton, Blood Like Poison Series, Madly, The Reaping
14.Kimberly Kinrade, Bits of You & Pieces of Me, Forbidden Mind
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21.Roots in Myth, PJ Hoover
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