Sophia’s Cookbook for Mortals

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Sophia’s Cookbook for Mortals is nearing completion!!  If you haven't read Fateful yet, you'll need to to understand who Sophia is. She's a vampire who loves to cook for mortals, and she's very mess about it. She wears pearls and a frilly white apron while cooking, but that pretty apron is completely slimed.

Before this book comes out, however, I wanted to ask: Are there any recipes you really want to see from The Fateful Trilogy included? I think I've covered all of the important ones, as well as many you may not have thought of. I just wanted to double check with you, my wonderful readers...

Enjoy this sample recipe from the book:

Tender Cream Scones

You’ll need:
2 cups all-purpose flour
3 teaspoons baking powder
1 teaspoon salt
2 tablespoons honey
Heavy whipping cream to moisten and bind

Mix dry ingredients with a fork, and set aside. Blend honey into 1/2 cup of the cream until it dissolves. Add cream and honey mixture to the dry ingredients, mixing with a fork or metal spoon. Slowly pour in more cream to the dry crumbs until you have a nice dough consistency. It should be on the sticky side, but it will also be slightly stiff. Just make certain it is not dry or so wet it’s gooey. You should be able to touch it with lightly floured fingers without it sticking to your hand. Scrape edges of the bowl to incorporate all of the flour, but also be careful not to over mix. Dump dough out onto a parchment-lined cookie sheet or a baking stone. With lightly floured fingers, press dough out into a circle that is about an inch to an inch and a half thick. Dip a pizza cutter into flour and cut the dough into wedges, very much like slicing a pizza. To aid in browning the top, brush with heavy whipping cream. Bake in 450 degree oven until fluffy and lightly golden brown. If you’re not sure if they’re done, carefully lift the corner of one scone to make certain they’re not doughy inside. Baking time is about 8-12 minutes. These are best fresh out of the oven. Serve with clotted cream or Devonshire cream and lemon curd, or butter and your favorite fruit preserves. (There is a recipe for homemade lemon curd at the end of this chapter.)

Note: These aren’t a very sweet scone, but the flavor balances well with sweet preserves on top. If you prefer a sweeter scone, then simply add more honey. You could add half and half for a lower in fat version. However, the secret to the nice flavor and the tender texture of these scones is the heavy cream. Add dried fruit to the dry ingredients, such as dried cranberries, currants, apricots, or blueberries for variety.