Mother's Day - New Book

Sunday, May 13, 2012

This is Drew, Cheri's Husband. It's Mother's Day and Cheri has a new book out. I spent a good portion of Saturday formatting it and getting it converted over to the Kindle Format for her. So Happy Mother's Day to Cheri and all the rest of you mothers and mothers to be out there.

For today our girls, her daughters, are making her dinner and dessert. Now to give you a little bit of insight I'll let you in on a secret. For dinner, she requested Chicken Picatta. It's one of the recipes that found it's way into Sophia's Cookbook. It's also one of her favorites. We normally make it for her birthday and Mother's Day!

For desert she's requested Fairy Cakes. These are about the most unmanly cakes around. First, they are called FAIRY CAKES. Second, they are really glorified cupcakes but you can't eat them with your hands. You really need a plate and fork. Trust me, I've tried...when she wasn't looking... And even then, I was standing over the sink and then had to wash my hands when I was done. Yet even after all of my complaining, I'll have to admit, these are TASTY!!! Really tasty. And they can also be found in Sophia's Cookbook for Mortals. And while they look rather complicated to make, they aren't that bad.

 If you have read Cheri's books, you may have realized we like to cook and we like food. A good portion of these recipes are ones that our family loves. So Happy Mother's Day to everyone! A special Happy Mother's Day to my wife! And if you like her books, tell her thank you by picking up a copy of Sophia's Cookbook for Mortals. It's only 99 cents!

Fairy Cakes

Sophia's Cookbook for Mortals is now available on Amazon for the Kindle.

In about two weeks we should have a printed version available as well!