Friday, June 1, 2012

Our theme: Listopia Demystified

Because of my readers, Fateful has made its way into 212 Listopia lists!!! Thank you, wonderful readers, I adore you.

If you’re on Goodreads like me, then you may have seen the Listopia lists I'm talking about. If you haven't noticed them, they're easy to find. Simply go to the listing for any book, scroll down past your friend's ratings, and you'll see them there. If the book is in any lists, that is... Some new books might not be in any lists YET. Of course you can also find these lists in the "Explore" pull-down on Goodreads. It's the first one, I think.

This is a good way for you to support your favorite authors. And trust me, they're very grateful to you for voting for their books.

Here are some of my favorite lists with 1 or more of my books in them:
(Um, I almost cried when I read some of these list titles and realized one of my awesome readers actually voted for my book(s) ~hugs~ I'm incredibly grateful and flattered!)

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Beautiful Book Covers of 2011
2011 Books I'm Dying to Bite Into
Books I stayed Up All Night Reading!
best book covers
Guys Wearing Hoodies
Favourite YA 2011 Reads
Breath Taking Covers of 2011-2012
My Absolutely Fave Books
Books You Can't Live Without
Best teen books (:
Books with Pretty Hair on the Cover
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YA Stayed Up Too Late List
Prettiest girls on cover
Best Vampire Books Ever

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