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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Honestly, I don't really think I deserve as much praise as Emillia, one of my amazing readers, gives me with this. But I'm extremely humbled that my silly cookbook could touch someone's life in this way. Anyway, I was soooo moved, I just had to share it with you.

Emillia posted pictures of a fairy party she did for her daughters to help celebrate the life of her dear mother, who adored fairies. Emillia is a wonderful mother!!! Check this out!

"OK so I have to say I didn't handle my moms passing as well as I thought I would...I also do not want my girls to forget Grandma Kairlee...When my girls think of fairies they always think of my mom because my mom had loved fairies and such. she even glued a little fairy door in her room."

"I bundled up a party package with a letter from "Grandma Kairlee" and left it on our doorstep and doorbell ditched my house. I told them it was from Grandma Kairlee and read their notes to them. It really helped Itylee who was having a hard time with dealing with her death. So I thought it was time to throw another party. I had told my girls Grandma must of had help from the fairies to make all these magical fairy food. They were so happy just to think Grandma and Fairies had come to our house while they slept."
(I thought this was such a cute idea. ~Cheri)

"I was so lucky to have just bought the BEST cookbook in the world recently. It's called Sophia's Cookbook For Mortals by Cheri Schmidt. It's a cook book from a point of view of one of her character from her Fateful trilogy and has recipes from some of the stuff they ate in the books, and lucky for me there is a section of fairy food! It was perfect, and the recipes are amazing!!
I highly suggest all of her books and if your lucky you might be able to get them while they are on sale! I got Sophia's Cookbook For Mortal for only .99 cents. Best .99 cents I have ever spent!!"
(Now I'm blushing...~Cheri)

"This book is more than a cookbook to me. It's has really help in my healing process too. I know my mom would of totally loved all of Cheri Schmidt's books and I really wish I could of shared them with her, but for now when I read or make something like fairy food it really helps me remember my mom and how amazing she was and I know this is something she would do. So thank you Cheri you have really made a difference in my life with your books. Don't ever stop writing!"
(And now I'm crying...~Cheri~     If you'd like to read the entire post, go here.)

Dear Emillia took some great pictures. Below you'll see Raspberry-Kissed Lemon Fairy Cake, Fariy Cakes with a lemon curd filling, Fairy Fruit Dip, Inside-Out Cheescake Bites, and Magic Fairy Juice. All of these recipes are in Sophia's Cookbook for Mortals, but I think she added her own charming spin on them, and actually made them better than I do. (How sweet is this?)

One reason I was so very moved by this is that even though I haven't lost my mother yet, she also loves fairies, so obviously, I can really relate! My mother is probably the one who started my love for fairies in the first place. She had an old copy of this book:

I would spend hours upon hours of time just looking at all of the illustrations. So when I grew up and got married, I asked for it. My wonderful mom, said yes! The copy I have is an antique, and it's a bit tattered. Plus I fear I was the silly child who drew in it. : ( I don't remember doing it, so I suspect I was too young to know better.

And, you might like this if you love whimsical things, but The Giant Golden Book of Elves and Fairies is in print again!!! I bought a copy of this too, so now I have an old one and a new one. So cool! Well, at least I think so...but I'm weird and sappy like that...

Anyway, because of my "fairy-loving past" I saw Emillia's idea as extremely thoughtful and charming. What a wonderful way to keep fond memories of Grandma in their lives!

An announcement about the cookbook mentioned in this post:

~This cookbook will be signed up into Amazon's Prime program sometime this week. So if you have Nook or Kobo, this is your chance to snatch up Sophia’s Cookbook for Mortals! Don't miss out!~

You can put your ereader right on your cookbook stand!  How handy is that? Or, if you prefer print, This cookbook will soon be available as a spiral-bound book. Just as soon as I finish with the back cover, it will be released.

To get the ebook of Sophia's Cookbook for Mortals with lots of fairy-friendly recipes click on one of the links below.

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Happy baking, and thank you for visiting my blog! xoxo
The Fullers said...

You are to kind and I am honored that you are mentioning me! I truly love your books and cannot wait for more! You are more than worthy of all your recognition. You are an amazing author and your stories are worth sharing!

Cheri Schmidt said...

I’m totally blushing now. Thank you again for your very kind words! xoxo

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