Fateful Book Review by Tifferz

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Fateful on Tifferz Book Review! If you're looking for something good to read, and need someone else's take on it to decide, I recommend her delightful blog!

"Tifferz Take-
Okay guys we have a Must read new author Cheri Schmidt. I can honestly say I love this book and can't wait till the next two come out! Yup we are lucky this is the first book in the three book series! I was quickly pulled into this story and loved every minute of it. Cheri is a very creative writer and knows how to tell a story. This book contains magic, vampires (good and evil) lots of passionate kissing (this is a clean romance), fairies, suspense and some unexpected twists! This book is for everyone. I really enjoyed how Cheri told a modern day story with an excellent plot and romance. You will not want to put this book down. Worth every penny. A must to own. I will be reading this one again very soon. As I can't seem to get the story out of my mind!!!"

And...I just finished the cover for Fractured, the sequel to Fateful. As soon as I'm done with edits it will be released. Soon....

Anonymous said...

I found you today on Amazon and I am going to buy your Fateful novel. I love the cover and I see you have the design for your second cover. Just curious, how do you get your cover art? Are these paid models? Family? I'm just curious because I am working on a cover for my book. Thanks!

Cheri Schmidt said...


Thanks for the compliments! Sorry for the slow reply, I just barely saw this! LOL

One model is family and two are friends, but all of them are volunteers. While they did offer to do it for free, I’ve worked as a professional photographer for many years so I gave them free professional portraits in exchange for the modeling. (That’s something I would charged $200-$300 for, so they felt it was a very fair exchange.) I also had them sign a simple model release allowing me to use their likeness for promotional reasons and the covers. I could email a copy of that to you if you’d like.

And if my sales keep going like they are then I will pay them some cash as well. Plus they get credit and thanks in the acknowledgments in the printed book.

It helps that with my photography background, I’m also rather experienced in Photoshop. To help you with this, I suggest you read through the blog posts below where I talk about how I designed the covers.



There are links to places I got free stock photos and free Photoshop brushes and textures. There are also free tips on using Photoshop on those webpages.

Good luck!