Great Reviews for the Fateful series...

Monday, June 13, 2011

It’s been about 60 days since Fateful was released and since that time it has sored to the top 100 on Amazon and stayed there. At the moment Fateful is #8 and Fractured is #12 of Hot New Releases in Children’s Love & Romance Literature.

What are reviewers saying about this series?

An 8th grade literary arts teacher added it to her recommended summer reading list and gave both books rave reviews...

The Book Whisperer (What a great blog name! Don’t you think?)

Courtney’s Chitter Chatter (Great place if you’re looking for clean reads.)

Tifferz Book Review (Another great place if you’re looking for clean reads.)

Book Worm Nation (Another great place for reviews.)

And here is a new review Fractured just got on Amazon:
By jaterry
"OMG!!!! If it was even possible Cheri Schmidt outdid herself with this, it is a million times better then Fateful with twists at every turn! I couldnt put it down, it even made me late to work!

Please dont read this book if you havent 1st read Fateful, and for all the people who said it was a Twilight knock off, you have to read this book, it by far blows Twilight out of the water! and I am a huge Twilight fan.

Ethan and Danielle dont fail to deliver on the romance and surprises! And the action of the vampire civil war will keep you on your feet! this was an easy book to get wrapped up in, I easily felt Danielle's excitement, fear and disappointment, and even cried for her at one point.

Without any spoilers, I really wish we could have seen more of Lilith and a better description of "goth" Ethan but other then that, I have no complaints! you have to read this book, what are you waiting for click the button!!!!

Cannot wait for book 3! I would love to see Danielle get her revenge (more then what was done) on Celeste!"

If vampires aren't your thing then might I suggest you try out Fair Maiden? It has none of those fanged beings in it. With the massive attention the Fateful series is getting I fear Fair Maiden is being forgotten. Don’t forget about it!! Especially because it’s on sale for 1.99 right now! Thanks to Tifferz Book Review for her recent review and blog post of Fair Maiden