Fair Maiden Update AND Contest!

Monday, June 27, 2011

It looks like the wrong copy of Fair Maiden was uploaded in a recent update by mistake. We’re working on figuring out which file should be posted to correct the errors and we’ll re-uploaded ASAP.

Also, in preparation for print of Fractured and Fair Maiden, I’d like to have a contest. If you noticed any errors in either of those, please contact me through email (authordDOTcherischmidtATgmailDOTcom)with a list and I’ll award three people who find the most errors a prize. If there is a tie, I’ll decide by drawing. (Deadline is July 1st)
You’ll have your choice between:

~A printed and signed copy of Fateful, Fractured or Fair Maiden. Each book comes with a matching beaded bookmark.

~And for everyone who emails me with errors, I will gift you an updated e-copy of the book of your choice.

Thanks bunches! I adore my loyal readers. I'm very grateful to you for reading my work...and typos drive me a little crazy, like I said in this post from a while back: The Monster Under the Bed for Writers