Electronic revolution, really? What do you think explains the drop in sales of print books? Have you made the switch yet?

Friday, August 12, 2011

Amazon announced a while back that eBooks have already outsold printed books on their site. In June, Barnes & Noble announced that eBooks outsell print books three to one. I guess that explains why my printed books never sold on B&N,even though B&N had discounted them by 3-4 bucks! David Farland said this in one of his "Daily Kick in the Pants" posts: (I recommend signing up for his "Daily Kick" if you're a writer, by the way. It's free to subscribe.)
...book sales on a month-by-month basis for hardcovers in the US are showing about a 40% loss...and paperback sales are also tanking.

At the same time, Amazon.com, the world’s largest retailer, is showing about a 300% rise in sales of e-books on their site from last year.

Barnes and Noble, the second largest retail chain in the United States, is jumping onto the digital platform. In the past few months, they’ve reduced shelf space for books in their stores dramatically, increasing the space that is allotted to selling e-readers and accessories.

As a result of this, an author can anticipate that paperback sales now are about 50% of what they were last year.

In other words, paper books are rapidly dying. Many of the retailers who were selling them only a year ago are gone, and many of the survivors were selling paper books are now pushing electronic books instead.

If you go looking for printed copies of my books you'll see a new lower price. Basically, I had opted in to the programs that make my books available to places like B&N and Libraries, but those options drove up the price. Because the eBook version of my books are outselling the printed versions by something crazy like 2000 to 1, I decided to drop those options and lower the price of my printed books.

If you want Fateful in your local library, sorry, you'll have to donate it or specifically request they buy it for you. The only places you can buy printed copies of my books are: Amazon, Createspace and soon my website for signed copies.

Some might complain that my books aren't widely available...well, since B&N is carrying less printed books in their stores and Borders is closing, I can't change that even if I do opt in for the programs that make my books available in those markets as well as more expensive. Of course you can always follow my blog to be informed of giveaways, which I do often.