Something Completely Different (guest post by Drew)

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

So Cheri and I have a whole set of differences -

She is shy and quiet.
I'm loud and obnoxious.

She likes to get dressed up and wear frilly skirts.
Cargo shorts and sandals are perfect for me.

She is a woman
I'm a man (encase you were wondering)

And certainly there are many more - - but the one I want to focus on

I believe bigfoot is real.
She could care less.

Now you may wonder why I have chosen to use this forum and your time for such a subject. Well perhaps you are more like me then Cheri. Perhaps you like Bigfoot. Perhaps there is a friend in your life...that like me...things Bigfoot is real. If either of these are the case, then I would like you to check out another Indie author name Rusty Wilson.

I met Rusty through Kindleboards which is a great online resource for new authors and those who simply want to find Indie authors or ask a few questions about anything Kindle related. We developed an email friendship. I've read his books. And his wife is reading Cheri's books.

Rusty is an outdoor guide in Colorado and spent quite a bit of time in the woods and the rivers of the west. Over the years he has collected a huge collection of Bigfoot stories. Some are funny. Some are strange. Some will scare you to death.

Word of mouth is huge for Indie Authors. So I'm hoping that you wonderful and sweet readers of Cheri's work will pass along the word to the Bigfoot believer in your life and encourage them to get Rusty's books. They will enjoy the stories. And Rusty will enjoy the sales.

Rusty's Books are available on the Kindle and in paperback. 

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Rusty Wilson said...

Well, I wonder if Bigfoot ever wipes a little tear from his eye - or is he too macho? (After all, he's One Big Dude.) Reading this wonderful blog entry made me think about that, as I wondered why my eyes were a bit blurry (just like Bigfoot, he's naturally blurry, you know).

Thanks, Drew and Cheri. May your future be graced by a visit from the Big Guy himself, bearing a beautiful polished rock and leaving it on your doorstep - or a feather, which happened to me once (or was it just the wind???). :)

Cheri Schmidt said...

This delightful comment to our post made my vision go blurry just reading it! Thank you for taking the time to drop by! We’re so glad you liked the post!

And what a wonderful wish...I know Drew would be the happiest guy on the planet if he ever got a polished rock, or a feather, or even a slightly mauled rodent from the Big Guy. Of course he’d want video....