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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Author Interview and excerpt on

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Rance Denton said...

Hey Cheri!

A fellow writer over from the Campaign here! Congratulations on your interview and the excerpt! From what I read, it looks to be an extremely enjoyable read, and it looks like you've got a ton of great reviews so far.

It's fantastic to see someone already moving along in their career the way you have. Inspiring, too!

Looking forward to working with you during the Campaign!

- Rance

Cheri Schmidt said...

Thanks, Rance!

AE Marling said...

As a soldier in the writer campaign, I salute you.

Congrats on the interview. I thought your story might be like a Twilight for the college scene, which would be interesting and worthy enough, but the reviewers hint that you've done something new and creative with it.

I wish you the best.