Sweet Saturday Samples ~ Forever, Book 3

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Welcome to Sweet Saturday Samples! Please enjoy this clip from Forever, Book 3 in the Fateful series.

Told from Danielle's point of view...

She saw why as they backed toward the bed again. Pieces of wood dug into her bare feet with each painful step. Spinning away, they both dove onto the bed as a werewolf flew at the glass and crashed through it. Worse than hearing a car crash, the sound of breaking glass was followed by vicious snarls and shouts. Driven by a crazy need to see what was going on, Danielle lowered the hands she’d tossed over her face, and craned another look over her shoulder. Even obscured by the hair that had fallen over her face,  she could see the beast had landed in their bedroom, its knees bending with the impact before straightening, its spine uncurling as it rose upright. It shook like a dog trying to dry itself. Danielle threw an arm over her face again. Shards of glass showered the room like droplets of rock-solid water, clinking against anything hard it hit. Danielle felt a few pieces hit her, but it seemed they didn’t hit hard enough to do more damage than a few minor abrasions.

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Yoss Jr said...

Do you have a release date for the book yet?

Cheri Schmidt said...

It should be some time this month. I'm working on chosing a date now. I'll keep you posted!

Sharon D said...

I can't wait!!!! :)