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Friday, October 21, 2011

Heh, it seems I can't recall much in way of Halloween Memories, at least none worth sharing. Lame, I know...But...I went to my daughter's chorus recital last night and the boys sang this song that totally cracked me up. It's called "We May Not Be Vampires (But We'Re Still Men)." by Mark Burrows. It was so darn cute to see middle school boys sing it with actions.

I tried to find the lyrics online but I could only find a YouTube performance. These boys are older than the ones I got to see last night, so they weren't as cute, in my opinion, but  you can still get the idea.

Anyway,  if you're involved with a chorus, I noticed the music can be purchased for $1.95 here.

I would guess that Mr. Burrows wrote this in reaction to the major vampire excitement that's been going on lately in books, television and movies. And I suspect a lot of men are feel this way right now. LOL

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Amy Jones said...

Ha! Ha! This is so silly and fun! I teach high school theater and dance. I really think the chorus teacher and I could have a lot of fun with this. Thanks for sharing!

Kimberly Kinrade said...

OMG that's SO FREAKING FUNNY!!! I've always said that plain old romance novels were bad enough for men, but now they have to be immortal with super powers or shape shifting abilities to keep up! lol

Heather said...

HA! LOVE. I'll see you're vampire song and raise you a Zombie Jamboree http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3nI2bVtQ6Kk Sang this in Jazz choir in college.

Cheri Schmidt said...

Thanks ladies! The Zombie Jamboree is funny too. Thanks for sharing that, Heather.

I hope you use it, Amy. It was a huge hit in our little town. And it was clear that it was the boy's favorite song to perform too. They were so into it.

kimyunalesca said...

I can't stop laughing :)) they may not be vampires but yes I still prefer real men ;)