Library Drive & Giveaway ~ Win signed copies of the Fateful Trilogy. YES, this includes Forever!!!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

This giveaway will run from October 20th-November 20th.

To Enter:
Like my Facebook fan page and be entered in a giveaway for me to donate books to your local library! Just so I know you're entering, please post a comment on my Facebook page and share it with your friends. Together we can make my books available to thousands who don't have a budget for buying books.

This giveaway is open to my international readers too! Also, I don't know if all libraries will accept my book, even as donations. I don't really know how the process works, but we'll try it anyway...and learn as we go!

The grand prize is for signed copies of all three books in the Fateful Trilogy, and unsigned copies of the same three books sent to your local library. (You'll be one of the first to get Forever in print when it's available! But Fateful and Fractured will arrive first, because Forever isn't quite finished yet.)

Plus I'll award two runner-up prizes where I'll donate a paperback copy of Fateful or Fair Maiden to your local library. You'll need to get the mailing address and phone number of your library to me for this.

Obviously I can't afford to donate my books to every library in existence...I need your help! To get printed copies of any of my books in your library, you must go in and request they carry books by Cheri Schmidt. Give them the link  for my Createspace Estore if they can't find the books through their usual channels. I'll give discounts on books to Libraries from my estore, or from The Book Depository for international libraries.

On Createspace:
Fair Maiden~

On The Book Depository:
Fair Maiden~
Fractured~ Soon me get my EBOOKS into libraries too! Many libraries have ebook lending capability now through Check with your local library to see if they have it. Sadly, my ebooks are not yet listed on Overdrive. So go to your local library and request that they carry ebooks by Cheri Schmidt. They'll need to contact Overdrive on their own per your request.

My ebooks and printed books are available via the web from Barnes & Noble, Amazon USA, UK, France, and Germany. Printed copies are available from Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Createspace. Availability will soon be at: Kobo, The Book Depository and other places soon to be announced. As soon as I have those worked out, I'll update this post... (Update: Two of my books are available from The Book Depository at discounted rates and with free shipping. If you'd like to purchase, or have your library purchase them for you, go to this link or share it with your library: )
Sophia Rose said...

This is a very worthy thing you are doing to donate books. Most libraries rely on donations heavily to make their budgets stretch.

Thank you!

The Schmidt Family Reviwers said...

Thank you, Sophia!

brendajean said...

Great prize! My local library is just in the finishing stages of being built so I know they would love to have your books! Thanks for the giveaway!

bchild5 at aol dot com
FB brenda child

Ashlyn_Jai said...

This is wonderful! I live in a small area and a very poor community so something like this would be great! :)

miki said...

i would love to win your books, really but i don't have facebook. And books in english are accepted perhaps but i guess it would have be for the one in my roleplaying club ( lot of english readers) but that doesn't work since it's not an official one

i 'm sure the winner will be very very happy


Laurie Carlson said...

I would LOVE to win your series of books!
I have a HUGE issue with my library. If I go to donate books to them, they will NOT shelve the books. They SELL them!!! For some reason, they can ONLY accept "library grade" books??? They say the binding lasts longer??? I find they are the SAME books! It's a lie! What they do if they are paperback is put this special covering on them, like a dull plastic'ish type cover.
When they sell the books, they go to the public for a quarter! Is there anything you could inform me about to get the libraries to accept your books that I don't know about?? I NEED your help on this one, PLEASE!!! I have SO MANY great condition books, and I hold onto them, or give them away on my blog.
PLEASE message me back and let me know if you have run into this problem before??? If you have ANY suggestions, PLEASE HELP ME!!! HOW can I get the libraries to SHELVE the books I donate, or, books like yours. What is a 'library grade' book?? They don't seem ANY more durable?? Then they also mentioned something about licensing??? I don't get it??? I live in the US.
Have you heard of 'Library Journal'? They cater specifically 'to' libraries. They sell to libraries these 'library grade' books. I would do anything to get more GREAT books into the libraries.
For instance, HOW can they purchase paperback books and then lend them out? Regular paperbacks? The smaller sized ones.
I would be willing to talk to my library.
If this helps, I live in Michigan and the libraries are run by the all the different counties, underneath the State Library. For example, mine is St. Clair County Library System.
Thanks for the help!
(I'm assuming you may be able to help because you are an author and would know more about this than myself, just a reader!)
Happy Thanksgiving!!
Laurie Carlson
OLD GFC follower - lauriehere
laurieisreading at gmail dot com
Also - I'm SO glad you are giving these away because I can ask this specific question, one that has been on my mind FOREVER!!!! About 20 years ago I had quilt books, brand NEW ones, BEAUTIFUL ONES, and they would NOT shelve them??? So they get sold for a quarter??????
It's SOOOO wrong!!!
WHY can't they take donations from regular patrons and shelve the books, books in GREAT condition???