YA Indie Carnival ~ My Best Fan Experience...And a Forever Update.

Friday, October 14, 2011

My best fan experience would probably have to be getting to know my first blind reader when she requested my third book, which wasn't available on Smashwords yet. Here is what she said on my Facebook Fan page:

"Hi Cheri! I just wanted to tell you I really like your books! Are you going to put Fair Maiden on Smashwords? I really think you should. I like them because I'm blind and I can read your books in several different formats, even on my computer in braille. Thanks very much! I can't wait to read your next books!" ~Heather

In truth, I consider EVERY positive review one of the best experiences from my readers. Each one comes at at time when I really need to be uplifted. THANK YOU  for taking the time to post your good reviews for me on Amazon, Goodreads, and B&N!!!! It means a lot to me.... Anyway, I just have to share some of my favorites with you:

One of my all time favorites from Santiago Chile:
"I REALLY enjoyed this book. I loved it! It was very well written. I am constantly on the look out for a really good story, with great characters, well developed plot and of course a melt your heart romance. Believe me it doesn't happen often. But I was soooo happy to find Fateful met and exceeded all of my criteria. I'm still smiling about it :). O.k as for the comments that it is a Twilight copy. Please. Yes there are some similarities. There is a vampire who is good, who falls in love with a human and there are some bad vampires. And that's about it. Everything else (which there is a lot more) is not only unique to Fateful but makes it so much more and different than anything else out there. Lastly, for all of us thousands of readers who were searching for something as good (if not better) to read after Twilight. This is IT!" ~Malomia

From my blog:
I love both of the books. I am so glad youre continuing this series with a third book. I can't wait by the way! I have re-read both of the books twice and loved them just as much as I did the first time. Any ideas when the third one might be out? Also, I would love to see your books into a movie. And I dont see why not since Amanda Hocking got her Trylle Trilogy in the works. I feel Fateful is just as good if not better. ~Ryadne24

A new one that I loved:
"I was a little skeptical at first that this would be a Twilight knock-off. But I enjoyed the twists and differences. The way I see it I will read all types of romantic books that all have the same plot just with different twists. This is what this book is. The writing is well done. I could not put the book down. I was on vacation at the time of reading and I was desperately looking for internet to download the next book "Fractured" to my kindle. If you like vampire romance, this is definitely an excellent book for you." ~Jc22

Another new one:
This book is a phenomenal paranormal young adult read. The reader will love Ethan and Danielle's developing relationship, it's actually believable-a rarity in teen novels. Danielle is sweet and caring, though she can be a tad impulsive. Ethan is protective, strong, and charismatic. The two balance each other out perfectly and the reader will be rooting for them throughout the novel. There is a part, towards the beginning, that will remind the reader of Twilight; however, that notion is quickly dispelled. The events are fast-paced and range from detailed to fast-paced, the plot was certainly fun to read, and the characters are very likable. ~Chels

From a book blogger who reviewed both Fateful and Fractured, so I'm sharing part of each:
This book had that old-time romance feel in a modern world. It is saccharine with a little bit of danger lurking around each corner. I did like the story and the writing and the first romance aspect of it all and the, oh so rare chivalrous beau we all hoped to find. I would like to have known more about Lucas, Lilith & Benjamin but then again, maybe that will come up later, the vampire curse still holds some mystery to it and there is a lot of possibility to where Ethan and Danielle’s relationship will go. Anyway, it was an entertaining read and I really felt like drinking tea for some reason while reading this. I mean I downed tea like crazy.

Wow! I just finished Fractured and am impressed.... The attacks on the two just escalate and their future together is rushed as they plan on being married. Then just one thing after another happens and everything seems so dire. Anyway, I like this story, it has that old-fashioned air to it that gave a wonderful tone to the world of Ethan and Danielle. I love mortal Ethan, he takes full advantage of life and loves every aspect of it, even his flaws are endearing and he continues his unwavering affection for Danielle. With immortals and creatures constantly after them they had some difficult decisions to make, some of them may have been made to rashly but that always makes the story more interesting. I like the writing style of the author and I can’t wait for the final book in this trilogy! ~Ramblings of a Semi-Housewife

Again, thank you to all of you who have taken the time to post a positive review for me! It's always the highlight of my day, or week, and sometimes even my month! Nothing inspires me to write faster more than good reviews, so keep them coming!

Now for updates: Forever is nearing completion, although I don't have an exact date for it's release yet. Part of the holdup is the move into a new house. As I write, I'm sitting in an office while surrounded by boxes that still need to be unpacked, but they're just sitting there because I'm too busy writing! I've been interrupted a lot by things like phone and internet installation, and it's kind of driving me a little crazy. Plus my editors have busy lives and are doing this for me on the side....I wish I could do it faster, but I strive to write the best book possible for you, and that takes time.

At the beginning of this post I mentioned that a reader had requested I get all of my books on Smashwords. Well, I just had to remove them from Smashwords. They're not responding to email quires and all of the copies of my books that have been pirated, are only the copies from Smashwords! Over six months, I've only sold 33 books there so I don't see it as worth it to have my books listed with them anymore. I am doing my best to make my books available to my international readers through: Kobo, Amazon UK, France and Germany. Printed books will soon be available internationally from www.bookdepository.co.uk/ where they offer free shipping worldwide! If you live outside of the US, please let me know of places you like to purchase your books so I can make them even more widely available. Soon, I will have a Library-Drive Giveaway to help get my books into libraries across the world for those of you who don't have a book budget. But to help me with this, contact your local library and request that they carry my books!

PS: I just had to add this...Did you know it was National Cyber Security Awareness Month 2011? As I just noted, my books from Smashwords have been illegally pirated, and while I was looking at what I could do about it, I found this. Report websites that conduct illegal ebook sharing here.

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Ron Smith said...

These are great reviews. I'm sure you've been asked or written about it before, but what was your journey to publication like? Did you decide from the outset that you wanted to go the digital route?

Cheri Schmidt said...

Great question, Ron!

I started out as many did with the “traditional” rout of querying agents and small publishers. I did have a great response from them, but then before I'd signed anything, I discover Joe Konrath’s blog. Between advice from him and reports on how the market was changing from David Farland, I changed my plans. Having sold more than 16k ebooks in less than 6 months, I’m really glad I did.

When I was looking for an agent I’d wanted to come out with printed books first and then go digital. However, in this market I think it actually works better to start digital and then go to print. That’s what worked for me. My ebooks still outsell my printed books though.

Blogs that have helped me move forward in this process are:

Ron Smith said...

Thanks for sharing, Cheri. What a success story.

Continued good fortune for you!

I will check out some of those links.

laurasmagicday said...

You have some beautiful reviews, Cheri! And I love your tender story about your fan. I have a friend who isn't blind but can't read and she's asked me to make audio books out of my books:) I hope I can figure it out. I usually crack up when I'm reading it on Garageband! hee-hee. Great post! I love your library drive and would love to know more about it! Maybe I can help promote on my blog?

T. R. Graves said...

I had never thought about the flexibility of Smashwords in that manner. Thanks for sharing.

Cheri Schmidt said...

Thanks Laura! ~ Once I figure out the details for the library drive, I’ll add it to our YA indie group promotions.