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Friday, January 13, 2012

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Welcome to another awesome blog hop hosted by I Am A Reader, Not A Writer, and Reviews by Martha's Bookshelf.

In Forever, book 3 in the Fateful Trilogy, both Danielle and Ethan have quite a few dreams. In celebration of my birthday and the very near release of Forever, enjoy this "dream themed" excerpt:

Why is everything so bright? Ethan wondered. The world was so saturated with sunshine that he couldn’t comprehend why he wasn’t squinting against it. Not only was everything kissed with a blinding halo of white, but not a single sound disturbed the silence in this place. He peered to his side and saw Danielle beside him, smiling. Ethan looked down and realized his hand was linked with hers. How did he get here? How did they get here?
The corners of her pretty brown eyes crinkled as the smile widened and then they were running across a mist-covered field. They came up to a tree and their hands broke apart. Danielle looped one arm around the trunk and swung around it to face him. The white dress she wore fluttered in a breeze he couldn’t feel. With the way her lips parted, the way she bent forward, and the way her nose wrinkled, he knew she was laughing, but he didn’t hear it. The breeze blew her long brown hair forward. Her hand reached up as she brushed it out of her face. Silky strands slipped free of her fingers and feathered down against her shoulders. Smiling at him, her lips moved around words he still couldn’t hear. As though he had responded to her, however, he moved forward and kissed her mouth after first touching his lips to her eyelids and her nose.
Lashes swung up as those brown and gold-flecked eyes captured his. Again her full mouth shaped words. Again he could not hear them.
Like in a dream, the scene changed. And as before, the world glowed with a curtain of white, like a blinding solar flare caught on film. This time she sat nestled between his legs and he was startled to realize Danielle was crying, her body jerking against his with each heartbreaking sob.
With her chin on her shoulder, she peered back at him with sadness tightening her features. She was rattling off her displeasure at him in words he couldn’t hear, and too fast for him to read visually. It was as though he wasn’t really the one doing it, as he kissed her forehead and rubbed her arm, because what he really wanted to do was ask questions. It seemed like he was reliving this and not actually dreaming it....

Now how the bloody hell did I wind up on my back? Ethan pondered as he stared up at a pitched roof of roughhewn branches. The branches were so roughly hewn, in fact, that they still had green leaves attached and vines crawling the surface. A line of bewilderment formed between his eyebrows.  His memory came back to him in sections, like assembling a complex puzzle where the image wasn’t recognizable until enough of the pieces were in place. He remembered the misty place. He remembered the dancing. He remembered the strange irrational thoughts muddling his mind. He remembered the feast.... Ethan jerked upright. “They lied!”
Danielle swung up next to him like his outburst had wrenched her from a deep slumber. She covered a yawn with her hand. “Who lied?”
“Those horrible, cunning, winged and glittering little—”
“The fairies?” Danielle asked, obviously appalled at his angry tone, as if to say, How could anyone be angry with fairies?

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