YA Indie Carnival ~ Be Mine...

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Just in time for Valentine's Day our theme this week is all about romance. Each of us will share an excerpt with some smooching in it. Enjoy!!!

This excerpt is from Fateful and I chose it because a large number of my readers have highlighted part of it according to Amazon.

...Note: This series is not suitable for anyone who doesn't like glittering fairies, vicious pixies, hot vampires, the dashing Mr. Darcy, arachnids, or large amounts of snogging...


With a gasp, she noticed they were now surrounded with what seemed like hundreds of fairies. Everywhere she looked there were tiny glowing sprites; flitting here and there around them, and touching them. Danielle felt them tugging at her clothes playfully and sliding their tiny fingers across her flesh raising goose bumps. She shuddered as they released her hair from the elastic confines. She then felt them stroke the loose strands and tickle her cheeks with itty-bitty kisses. Danielle didn’t dare move. They did the same to Ethan, however, and he appeared to be accustomed to it, and enjoying it.
He smiled at her with intense rapture and stepped toward her. Placing two fingers gently under her chin, he closed her gaping mouth, which she hadn’t realized had fallen open. She looked into his magical, sapphire eyes, and was smitten immediately. He wrapped his strong arms around her to steady her.
“Still sore?” he asked affectionately.
“Yes, but I don’t care.”
Ethan chuckled warmly, brought his hand to her face and pressed his lips to hers. She mmm’d verbally at his touch, a reaction which sent the fairies giggling merrily. He smiled against her mouth when he heard their snickering.
They continued to play with her hair as Ethan kissed her, his lips caressing hers almost hungrily, almost devouring her. It was an exotic experience, and almost too unbelievable. She was standing in an enchanted forest, being kissed by a vampire, surrounded by hundreds of colorful fairies. This never could have happened in her wildest dreams, and she thought she was pretty creative.
When he released her from the kiss, he gently kept her close and whispered, “Now watch.”
Enchanting music filled the air. It drifted on the breeze as if the trees, the lush plant life, and even the insects were the instruments—the kind of music only fairies could make. Then the fairies danced and flew in circles around them. It took her breath away. Fairies pranced while they played toothpick-sized flutes, fairy couples danced and twirled, and many fairies skipped and flitted about. It was incredibly surreal. She was so glad she’d come even with her aching body because this was well worth it.