YA Indie Carnival ~ Sequels

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

New releases in the works!!!

I love to know what my readers want in my sequels. Which is why I asked you what you wanted to see in Forever, the final book in the Fateful Trilogy. I worked really hard at incorporating what you'd asked for. You said you wanted to see more mystical creatures, and you wanted to know how Ethan and Danielle recognized each other. As I work on more sequels, please tell me, what do you want to see, or rather, read? Let me know in the comments of this post!

To get your imagination going, here is a preview of what I'm working on:

The Fateful Trilogy is Ethan’s and Danielle’s story only. But I know many of you fell in love with the side characters as well. To be honest, in some cases, that really surprised me! They were just side characters, after all! But I’m also very flattered and my head is still in that world as well as with Ethan and Danielle. So I simply can’t stop myself from writing about these “side characters” that you’ve fallen in love with. While the Fateful Trilogy was just for Ethan and Danielle, the Fateful Series is for all of them!!!

(If you haven't read The Fateful Trilogy yet, I'll tell you a secret. If you buy the three books together as one by clicking on the picture to the right, then it's just like getting Fateful for free. If you're not sure if you'll like the book, then read the excerpt first...)

I have so many books planned, it’s really hard for me to list them all especially since I don’t know how soon their releases are, but I’ll do my best to give you a preview. Note: The titles of all of these could change...and these are not in order of release:

Sophia's Cookbook for Mortals: A fun and real recipe book featuring recipes Sophia likes to mess up her apron with. This one will be released in a a week or two! (Check my previous posts to get a copy of her scone recipe.)

Maximilian: A novelette on how Max joined a new Order of Knights and then met Nadia. This one will start out in a historical setting and move to a modern one. (For an excerpt of this story got to the blog post right before this one!)

Becoming Cursed: A novelette in a historical setting on how Beon became a vampire and then courted Sophia by kidnapping her.

The Black Prince: A novelette on your favorite surly prince.

Little Red: A novelette about the red-headed witch in Forever and her forbidden love for a werewolf.

I have plans for some of the other Fateful side characters as well, like Brianna, Danielle’s cousin. I just haven’t worked out all of the details yet. so please stay tuned! ;)

The Trapping Club: I have a lot of handwritten notes for The Trapping club—this is the sequel to Fair Maiden, or book 2 in that series. Beginning with a magical masquerade and a kidnapping, The Trapping club is the tale of second sons as they struggle for survival in a society that leaves such forgotten. Those who’ve read the first book will be surprised to find that the hero of this next enchanting tale is the brother of the villain in Fair Maiden, and the heroine will be a grown-up Emma...

The Mistaken Reformer: This is book 3 in the Fair Maiden series. Peter, Christian’s brother will be the hero and the heroine is still a mystery as of yet...

The Fairy Ring Enchantment: This is the first story I dreamed about, thinking it would be a short picture book. But when I started writing, it was turning into a novel. With no plans of becoming a writer, I was extremely confused by that. I never thought I'd have a novel in me. This is a story about fair rings and why you shouldn’t step inside them...

I’m also working on a steampunk story and, believe it or not, a new twist on Peter Pan! But a gown up Peter Pan. Just like a grown up Jeremy Sumpter as shown in the photo on the right. LOL In truth, the Peter Pan one totally took me by surprise and came to me in a dream a couple of weeks ago. Both of these stories should appeal to those of you who loved Fair Maiden. I'm sure I'm forgetting to list a few, but this is all I can recall at the moment.

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