YA Indie Carnival ~ Happy Father's Day!!!

Friday, June 15, 2012

 (If you're here for the Indie Author Giveaway, just scroll down to the post before this one. But don't miss the free ebook on your way down!!! ;)

Our theme at the carnival is Father's Day, and I have a treat for you! A FREE ebook that should appeal to fathers, or dudes who like epic fantasy with action, dragons, elves, and Baba Yaga--all with a nice twist of humor! If you don't have a Kindle, download it anyway. I mean, why not? IT'S FREE!!!! And Amazon has free apps so you can read it on just about anything.

Blood has coated the land in slippery sheets from the moment Tolucan took the throne. Lies, rumors, and sorcery destroyed the treaties which had been in place for two-thousand years. Friendships were forgotten, alliances were betrayed, and an entire race was plunged into the terrifying realms of annihilation.

Now only three of their kind remain. They do not know they are the last and they are kept in hiding. What is to become of them? It is rumored they will overcome the king and restore the peaceful days of old. Will they? Can they? We can only hope. Tolucan’s power is spreading across the continent while it is reported that dragons have been sighted along the mountainous skyline to the north. It seems the time is drawing near sooner than I had expected...

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Denise Z said...

Thank you for sharing about this freebie treat. I hopped over and got it and am looking forward to the read :)