As November wraps up, I must say Thank You!!!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Sorry I haven't been around much, but as you may know, I've been busy working on my NaNoWriMo project for November. Sadly, because of the holiday and other interruptions, I haven't reached my goal just yet. Never fear, though, I'm still cranking away at Max and Nadia's story as fast as I can! They've shared a great deal of their story with me, so I'm very eager to share it with you!!!


As I work on this project, book reviews mean a great deal to any writer, really. Your generous support is what motivates me to keep writing. I will say it's a difficult and scary thing for me to keep sharing what's going on  inside my head, so without your support, I'm not sure I could keep going. Because of this, I'm truly grateful to you.

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This giveaway can't be entered via my blog, it is only for my Facebook Fan Page. For details on how to enter, go here:!/pages/Cheri-Schmidt/170239616364397

 To the Left is pictured Danielle's Fairy Necklace as described in Forever. For a detailed description, go here.

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This is Danielle's favorite teacup and saucer as described in Forever. It's a real antique, and I'll only giveaway a few of these.

I haven't made a sample of Sophia's apron yet, but it will be white and trimmed in lace.

This giveaway can't be entered via my blog, it is only for my Facebook Fan Page. For complete details on how to enter, go here:!/pages/Cheri-Schmidt/170239616364397

Good luck! And thanks for visiting my blog!

xoxo Cheri