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Friday, July 29, 2011

First the bloggers: Joe Konrath and John Locke

My husband found both of these blogs and, in truth, I rarely read them myself. But my husband does and he tells me what he’s read since I’ve been too busy writing to have time for that. This is one post he shared with me that I’d like to share with you:

John’s logical and comforting look at bad reviews...

Next, good reviews I received and LOVE...Thanks again for posting them. Good reviews really help me out and I’m deeply grateful to the many kind and loyal readers for taking the time to post them. ~Hugs~ (If you've read and loved any of my books but haven't reviewed them yet, please do! You'll make my day a happy one. ;)

All I can say is I love this book! It pulled me in quickly, and I instantly fell in love with Ethan. He is one of the most likeable characters to be introduced in a long time. Dare I compare his likeability to Edward Cullen? I loved Cheri Schmidt's writing style. I finished this book in a day because I couldn't put it down, and I can't wait to start the next one. ~Christine

I can relate to Danielle in the book because I am a huge Mr. Darcy fan and let’s say you get 14 days with lend me and I read it and stayed up all night.... One of my absolute favorite reads... ~Courtney W

Yes, it sounds similar to Twilight, but it’s actually got an original take on vampires. The only similarity is that Ethan is a vampire and Danielle is not. I liked Schmidt’s take on vampires, I thought it was more believable and I liked that there was some hope that they could maybe change. It made it more believable that there would be good vampires, etc. I also really liked that both Ethan and Danielle not only had high standards, but they also believed marriage was a positive thing. ~Kathy

This book really surprised me! I went in with fairly low expectations, thinking this would be a Twilight knock-off, but in many ways Fateful was actually better than Twilight! Now, when I first read Twilight it was the very first vampire romance book I'd ever read and that was why it blew me away and I loved it. Since then I've read MANY YA books and paranormal romance books and have come to the conclusion that Twilight pretty much sucked. Now on to Fateful. I really liked the twist the author put on vampirism...that it's a curse that could possibly be broken.
I liked Ethan very much, he was realistic and I enjoyed his and Danielle's relationship. Danielle was interesting too. With a black belt in karate, she was no push-over weakling! Overall, I was very impressed and cannot wait to pick up the sequel right now. ~Jaimie

I really enjoyed this book. I wanted to be Danielle. She made me feel like I was living the fairytale that we all dream about as little girls. ~Anna

Okay, a lot of reviews keep going on about how the book is so similar to Twilight. Before I buy a book I mostly read a few reviews so when I started reading, this was constantly on my mind. But really, after a few chapters it became obvious that this is an amazing story, and that it isn’t the same as twilight.... But now enough about twilight and more about Fateful. The story is really well written, the characters are really nice and likeable. I’m not going to tell you anything about the story and especially not about the end of the book, just be prepared to be surprised, in a good way of course. The story is really sweet, there’s a lot of romance going on, but I like the fact that there’s some action too. The story just keeps you going until you’ve finished the whole book. I would really recommend this book, Cheri Schmidt is an amazing author. ~Carolien

I loved this book. I went and bought the sequel before I was even halfway through this book because I knew I would have to start reading it the second I was done with this one and I didn't want to be caught somewhere without internet (for my kindle). I loved how well the characters were developed, I wanted Danielle as a best friend. I found myself rooting the whole book the mail characters could be together. I loved all the twists and turns in the plot as well. I would highly recommend this to anyone looking for a good fantasy romance to read. ~Sheena

I stumbled upon fateful by accident and I am so glad I did!! What a great series and very well written! Do you have a estimated date for the release of forever? I hope sooner than later as I can't wait to read what happens. I have been reading books here and there but none that got me hooked right away in a while. I know sequels usually are not as great as the first but fractured is just as amazing as fateful! Keep up the great job! :) ~Sharon D

And then two great reviews from Confessions of a Book Junkie. I love the look of her blog as well as her well-rounded and honest take on books.