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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Drew: Thanks for joining me today. It’s nice to talk man to man.

Ethan: Indeed. The pleasure is all mine, I must say.

Drew: (wrinkling his nose like something smells bad) “Indeed?” and “I must say?” Your...um, historic choice of words prompts me to ask: Do you realize that you sound kind of cheesy sometimes?

Ethan: It might be that British, Mr-Darcy-like side of me coming out. I grew up in the late 1800’s. Sorry, old habits. (Ethan grins showing teeth)

Drew: Mr. Darcy, huh?

Ethan: I daresay, if someone plucked him from the past and plopped him right in the middle of the 21st-century, wouldn't people label the poor bloke as cheesy too? (Ethan slants an offended gaze back at Drew)

Drew: Dude! People don’t say “daresay” anymore!

Ethan: British guys do.

Drew: Really? (still not buying it)

Ethan: We use words like actually, bangers and mash, bloke, pip pip, cheerio, and knickers quite frequently too.

Drew: (Drew gaped at Ethan before saying) You’re pulling my leg.

Ethan: (smirking knowingly) Perhaps.

Drew: So is it safe to guess that you know the effect this kind of speech has on women?

Ethan: (shrugs shoulders) Danielle likes it...and with that knowledge, I confess I might be pouring it on a little thick.

Drew: Let’s get back to business, shall we?

Ethan: Very British way of putting it. (Ethan offered in approval)

Drew: Er, thanks...So in the books it's mentioned that you and Danielle recognize and know each other. From like another time. Can you explain that?

Ethan: I believe we knew each other BEFORE we were born into this life, as spirits basically. I also believe we chose one another then and had a relationship then. But since none of us can remember our existence before we were born, we too can’t remember that time together either. We can only see it when we look directly into each other’s eyes, or sense it, really. It’s sort of like how one’s spirit continues to exist after death of the physical body—one existed before physical life too.

Drew: Don't you know a witch, or fairy, or something that could shed some light on this for you?

Ethan: Hm, perhaps. That’s a good idea, though. I'll look into it and inform you all in book 3.

Drew: So how old are you?

Ethan: A little over 170.

Drew: And how long have you been a vampire?

Ethan: I was turned in my twenties, so for about 150 years.

Drew: Why do you want to be human and mortal? Why not stay a vampire with all of the benefits that come with that?

Ethan: I still consider myself human, just cursed. And as a cursed man I can't have children. I want to be a father more than I want immortality.

Drew: But all of that power and strength! Can’t you hypnotize with our eyes and don’t you have some kind of magical breath that smells intoxicating instead of like normal breath...which might smell more like a burger with onions for example?

Ethan: (Glancing sideways, a grin lifts the corners of his mouth.) I rather fancy American burgers with ketchup and mustard and pickles and, of course, melted cheese. Ah! Don’t forget the chips!

Drew: You’re getting sidetracked again.

Ethan: (rubbing his stomach) I suppose I should have stopped for a bite first.

Drew: So at the end of book 2 you make a decision that seemed sort of impulsive to me. Why so quick? Why no hesitation?

Ethan: Inside I did hesitate. There are advantages, so to speak, that I will miss due to that decision. But I strongly believe it was for the best, for both Danielle and me. I will always do what's best for her. Deep down I can be as selfish as anyone, but in this instance, I was choosing what I thought was best for her. She really hated being a vampire even if I thought she was safer that way. I just want her to be happy.

Drew: What do you have to say to people who say you’re like Edward?

Ethan: Well... I’m older than he is. I have blond hair and blue eyes. I can grow facial hair and I can tan when exposed to the sun. I’ve never looked down on Danielle as though she were a child. Our spirits are the same age even if our physical bodies aren’t. I see her as an equal, no actually, that isn’t right either. I put her above me. I respect her. She can kick major a—! And I’ve let her defend herself when I knew she could. Like with that handsy-creep she met at the dance club.

(Ethan took a big breath and released it slowly, also releasing his fisted fingers.)

Going back to that Edward chap, I certainly do not sparkle, and I have real fangs! I believe I do have a soul, always have. I believe in an afterlife as well as a pre-earth life, which is where I believe I met Danielle, and probably why I don’t fear the idea of growing old as a mortal man. And, most importantly to me, I wasn’t constantly resisting the urge to eat Danielle. I was more concerned with getting to know her, winning her heart and becoming un-cursed so I could have a normal life with her. ~He’s a little aggitated. His accent got thicker...~

Drew: So what is the deal with you and Lucas?

Ethan: The troubles with him go back to our days in school as teenagers. He became a murderer before he ever became a vampire. My friends and I tried to stop him but failed. He blames me for things I couldn't change and things I did do to him. Because of that conflict he went after Danielle. I regret the fact that my past put Danielle in danger.

Drew: What should readers look forward to in book 3?

Ethan: Readers will learn the details about my past with Lucas. And you’ll get to know me even better than before. Look forward to another wild ride with a considerable dose of danger, an introduction to more mythical creatures and, as always, plenty of romance and sexy Victorian lingo. (Ethan winks, only smiling with half his mouth.)

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Cheers! Cheri
Yoss Jr said...

I'm glad to see that I was the first one on here... I enjoyed Ethan's interview. It gives a better feel of him. (I do have to agree, he is no Edward!) I love that he doesn't sparkle and doesn't want to attack Danielle ALL the time... Can't wait for the 3rd book to be released!!!

Jennifer Starks said...
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Jennifer Starks said...

Cheri, sorry I deleted my earlier comment. I'm on my phone and your name came out, Carrie instead of Cheri, lol. Anyway, I loved this interview even though I was confused most of the way through. I thought Ethan was the blogger/writer. Lol. It was a great way to introduce your characters and world. I look forward to reading your work and, hopefully, getting to know you better.

KellyD said...

Just finished Fateful and enjoyed it very much! I was hesitant to read yet another vampire story, but am glad I did.

I'm looking forward to books 2 & 3.


Amy said...

Just read Fateful last week and I really enjoyed it. I want to read Fractured and looking forward to reading Fair Maiden as well. Liked the interview and thanks for the giveaway, count me in.

Kim said...

Enjoyed the interview. Really like the Fateful Series and can't wait for Forever! :)